Will.I.Am, Pimpin In Hologram- Space Age Pimpin Defined

Greetings Earthlings, and welcome to Week 2 in the Month of Mystery- November 2008.
Orders From Up Top are that we will need to hold off until after January 20 to give you
The Game Solutions
that your are in search/need of and help you comprehend  that feeling in your bones that leads you to this destination time and time again, yet I believe that it is in Good Fashion to go ahead and give you a SNEAK PEAK in regards to this Space Age Pimpin to help you further recognize that
The Force Is STRONG With Tha PIMPIN.

Samuel Jackson As Jedi Master Mace Windu

I happened to be tuned in to CNN for the Obama Election Victory festivities, and had it confirmed by
Will.I.Am ,
Reppin Change,  City Of Angels Style.

For those who didnt get to see It in action,
this is an example of how you PUT ON FOR YOUR CITY and have it meet
Official Pimpin Standards of CHANGE.
Read Em And Peep!