"And If Ya Girl CHOOSE, Let Her Do Her Thang!!" Heidi Klum's "BANNED" Striptease Commercial

Awww Dang!!!
See what happens when you let THE BLACK GUY be the President?
Now all of a sudden, The Highest Paid ,Highest Level SUPER-DUPER SUPER-MODELS ,start feeling like they can just LET THE CAT OT OF THE BAG and do as they please, to the fullest extent, without fear of retribution or backlash from the prior popular opinion that its not very LADY LIKE to behave in this way.

isnt that commercial a reenactment from the popular 80’s flick RISKY BUSINESS, only this time with the female gender acting as the Main Attraction as opposed to Tom Cruise as the top gun?

I guess the best course of action would be to BAN the commercial on Public Airwaves, so that the millions of girls who model their behaviors after these types of women in the lime light  wont be able to see and experience the presentation.

But wait.
If we do THAT, they probably will just find the content on The Internet which is where they tend to be anyways,whether its on PC, LapTops,  or Mobile Devices looking for an outlet that provides them with want they REALLY WANT.
If that happens, all of the Advertising Dollars, Endorsement Deals, and Mind Share, will wind up in the hands of whoever was able to supply the demand most effectively.

Looks like we have a problem Houston,
because the writing is ALREADY ON THE WALL, and Obama isn’t even officially in the WHITE HOUSE Oval Office yet, using his Sign Off Powers to better inanct CHANGE initiatives for the greater good of the American Public  and World At Large.

Looks like when Obama says
YES WE CAN, Heidi Klum took it to heart, and went out and GOT IT DONE, and brought back a clear confirmation for the world to see that Economic Stimulus Packages are effective when implemented with sound and logical reasoning.

Where Do We Go From Here?