Say Hello To My Lil' Friend- Call Her Natalie, Code Name HONEY

First things First, The Official Results For Last months Pimp-Hop-U-Larity Contest are in.
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With that out of the way, I have a confession to make. Due to the fact that I am aware that the hard to find answers to alluding questions tend to be found in a place near to me, I have always had a gut instinct which tells me that eventually, it would be a L.A. Girl that would actually appear as the hero and come to save the day.
The reason is logical, as they would be most likely to realize that actually, as much as I talk, i really DONT know what I am talking about in full, yet I know just enough to create opportunities for those who DO KNOW to be able to explain things better.

With that said, I formally introduce you to

Code Name

Model/Entertainer/Socialite/Entrepreneur/Political Activist/Family Girl/Fill In The Blanks
You Know,
Wonder Woman

So where should we start?
Ok, lets see.

For the young ladies reading this as well as some men that may want for more young ladies to read this, the solution has now arrived.

Consider it as a Barbizon School Of Modeling & Acting, with an updated New Millennium Twist.
Natalieis actually an educator in the ancient arts of ************ amogst other things, and is now accepting applications for enrollment, so reserve your space while space is still available.

Where You Can Learn To Be A Stripper,

One important quality to note is that she gets along GREAT with other women, so I suppose its the whole Sisterhood Bond thing that the sociology experts often discuss, and in my own mind, I have a difficult time finding anything that could be better than that!!!

With that out of the way, you are correct in your assessments that you cant really mix business with pleasure, yet that is only true in cases when your business is other than pleasure,
so to chime in on the well rounded woman approach, you would not be amazed if you found out that the most ideal person to influence social change is a woman of this pedigree, would you?
(Reference OBAMA GIRL)

Regardless, here is some on the scene footage from Natalie, rallying the masses at a
Cannabis Legalization Demonstration.

Now would be an ideal time to get down to the ABC’s and 123’s,
so here is a parable about

The Birds & The Bees
The Flowers & The Trees.

One fine day in a land not so far away,
there was a Woman.
She happened to really enjoy being out in nature as a means to
stay connected to her roots , or what you would call staying grounded or down to earth.
While on one of her excursions, she decided to entertain herself with the
wonderful specimens that The Creator provided her with for this specific purpose.

As time progressed she became more and more proficient with her
techniques in the ancient traditions of amusement, and in the spirit of the
atmosphere, she began to immitate the actions of the animals that seemed to
enjoy themselves as much as she did with all of the enjoyable props in the environment.

One fateful day, as she was indulging in her own existence, an animal species known as
MAN was out on an expidition and when he saw this scenario taking place, he felt as if something divine was occuring and was left paralyzed by the sight.
The woman , recognizing his amazement, decided to make life easier on him by positioning herself at an angle that was closer and more attainable while still maintaining a comfortable distance.

A conversation was then initiated by the woman, and for the purposes of maintaining the sacredness of the discussion, we will leave it to the imagination to asses what was discussed.

Over time, as humans began to further expand their minds and technological advancements, much of the initial enjoyment of the original creation slowly deteriorated, and humans were left to ponder on the missing pieces of the puzzle that could not be filled with any of the inventions that were created for the advancement of human beings.

After thousands of years and historical events, certain women began to appear on the scene with some form of a genetic memory that led them to participate in activities that , while many logically thought that they were unsound, a piece of their being on an emotional level was gratified by what they were beholding.

It was then that the same set of communications between this certain species of women and humans in general began to re surface in the genetic makeup of this particular brand of woman.

As time moved forward, this type of activity began to attract large audiences from miles and miles away, to the extent that many did not actually expect to see this site, but were somehow awakened on an innate and unconscious level, as they witnessed the performance.

What happens next?

Gotta Ask Plain Ole’ Natalie,
Code Name

She Hangs Off Of Cliffs As A Livelihood!

Word 2 The Wise-
Pay More Attention To The Trees.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)


Written By
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin