Viewer Appreciation Day- If You Deserve It, Then Read It!

Whats The Good News?
Glad you made it today.
Where have I been?
On a search for TALENTED characters who wish to play a part in this on going magical story,
created and authored by yours truly.

Today, I will go ahead and show some appreciation for you and your time, because knowing what I know,
I can guarantee that that simple word APPRECIATION, will play a tremendous part in the difference between Life and Death, so here is some SUPER TIGHT game that you can apply to see if it gets you positive results.

I can tell that much of the slow up for individuals around me, especially here in So. Cal where days are counting down until the state is BROKE and in need of a BAILOUT, tends to be in regards to That Thing, known as The Economy, and there is enough Pimpformation around these parts that should set you straight for quite some time if you think and feel a certain kind of way. Today, since I like to do things
The Easy Way
, I will simplify even further so that you know that you are appreciated, because if you get this message, it means that you deserve to know.
I ask that the next time you are out and about, you pick up a penny as soon as you see one. If you have one available now, or receive one in the form of CHANGE after you make a purchase, hold it in your hand.

What Now, make A Wish?
Close, but even better, simply read what the statement says on the top of President Lincoln’s Head.
Once you do that, simply STICK TO THAT SCRIPT, and if you are able, meaning its something that you believe in, well, I can guarantee that more things will show up to actually confirm that belief forcing you to have to read it over and over again!!

Change You Can Believe In!

How Simple Could it Be?
It Works for ME,
Might Just Could Work For You Too!

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)


Written By
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin