Let's Be Honest


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This entry is just some of my personal business, that you can listen in on if you are interested. It is one of the mental and emotional fitness exercises that I conduct to keep myself active and in shape.

Contrary to popular belief, I believe that honesty really is the best policy, and it’s primarily due to the fact that being honest with ones own self can help to overcome at least 85% of poor results that a person my experience in life when they chose to think and do otherwise.

To Thine Ownself Be True.


Lets Be Honest.

Q:RB, do you feel like you can do whatever it is that you set your mind to at this exact moment?
A: Actually, its how I always feel, as its just some thoughts , feelings and actions that lead to good results

Q:Do you believe that you deserve the best that life has to offer?
A:Absolutely, as it is what i offer to myself and others, beginning with the honesty I am sharing with myself at this point in time.

Q:Do you believe that you should love thy neighbor as thy self?
A:Absolutely, as it has been shown that you truly are not able to love anyone else unless you have love for yourself first.

Q:Do you sometimes feel short changed by people that you encounter?
A:Yes, it is an issue that I am working to resolve as I type this

Q:What do you believe the cause of this really is?
A:Its gotta be the simple fact that many people really just don’t truly feel and think the same way as I do, first and foremost , about their own self.

Q:Get down deep. What exactly do you see that makes you feel this way.
A: I see many many people who seek to hide inside of a comfort zone and play funny games with themselves on social networking sites in an attempt to mask the fact that they are not feeling good enough about themselves to do other wise.

Q:Well thats their choice, as it is their life and time. Why does it bother you that they choose to do other than what you do?
A: I guess its somehow in my mind that they are required to take action before I can achieve my goals.

Q:If that were true, then why are you able to create this post, and enter it as an entry in your collection of entries, even though from what you can see, there is no one in your presence?
A:Thats actually a great question. I will have to think about it some.

Q:I think it is simply that you wish for others what you wish for yourself, which is an ideal thing.But now on the real side, do they wish for themselves what you wish for them?
A:Actually, I can now see that most of them dont.

Q: Ok, so does that sometimes make you feel like you are taking more of a concern for their well being than they take for themselves, like they are casting their weight on your shoulders expecting for you or some other person to carry their load?
A:That is exactly what they do, and it makes me feel stressed at times.

Q:Well, really is true that ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. on the flip side, when ye know the lie, then the lie shall keep you TRAPPED, yet when you know the truth, you also are responsible for it, and will be held more accountable than a person who does not know the truth, which is why many seek to know the lie. which do you want?

A: Ive come this far, so the red pill it is.


Q: Ok do you know that the truth is really simple, and it is simply what you think?
A:Um, the truth is what I think? Explain

A: What you think is true. its the same for everyone. So if others think that they are not really willing, able or worthy, it is TRUE. If they dont expect much, or expect for things to turn out bad in the end, its true and this leads to their actions which leads to their results, same as with you.

Q: That IS kind of deep,can you explain more so I can really get it to go.
A: Well, if a person is not having a good life or a good time, it is and can only be a result of their own thinking and actions?

Q: Ok, I can dig that, and actually I already know that, so whats the hold up then?

A: Its an old fashioned game that people play, which refers to the question above about feeling short changed. People who don’t really love or trust themselves are the first to blame others for their problems, then make others responsible for their resolutions. From that point they seek sympathy. That is the cause of the energy drain that you sometimes feel, as weak people seek to draw strength from strong people, but at the same time, expect for the strong person to come and make it all better for them, since they didn’t play a part in how their life is, and believe that it all is just happening to them. Its what happens when people look for a hero.

Q: Well, I don’t agree with that stance, so would I feel justified in saying to hell with people like that.
A: It points back to what you feel you deserve. If you deserve the best because you offer it, then you would be short changing yourself by accepting anything less than what you give.

Q: Sometimes I do feel that if people simply knew better they would do better and get better results so is it wise to share?
A: Absolutely, yet you have to understand that you have it to share because you did the work to acquire it. A help out is when you receive help in addition to the help you first provide for yourself. A hand out is when one wishes to receive without having to give anything. There is plenty of that going on around you.

Q: So what is the resolution?
A: Oh so simple my friend. God helps those, who help themselves.
So if you read the fine print, it is actually an un godly act to help those who do not help themselves. There is plenty, all you need to do is seek it, but thats only if you feel that you deserve it. many will wait for you as a person to get it because you feel you deserve it, then share it with them.

Q: Ok, honestly, that just does not add up. If you don’t work, then you don’t eat is the rule. If you dont grind, then you don’t shine is another way of stating it.So how should I proceed from this point forward.
A: Actually, it will all work itself out when you let it. I know you know the science, so you don’t need to share it. you just need to live and let live, and let each be themselves and accept the results that come with it. As far as people who choose to sit on the Internet and waste time with their selfish desires to have some company or get some attention, you know enough to know that that is a similar behavior trait of people who are in prison, who are not expecting to go anywhere soon, so they seek things to help pass the time, whether its playing games, or chit chatting. you did what it takes to aquire your freedom, and the more you sit and visit people in jail, the more you feel like you are in jail, even though you dont have the comfort of receiving three square meals a day along with shelter and an occasional conjugal visit or weekend release.

Q: Ok, thats whats up, so what should my next move be?
Q: Are you free to get up and go outside right now, and come back if and when you see fit, without asking for permission?

A:Yes, I just came back a few hours ago and decided to enter this post.
A: Ok good, so you are having a great time and you deserve it.Actually, its your job, so do it well, and let everyone else do theirs, which ever it may be, and if your assistance is required, well individuals go to work to earn money for the things that they need, and they can just add your time and energy to the list of things that are needed.In fact, since this is between us, you dont even need to spellcheck or edit it, so long as we both get it.

Roger that!
Thanks for your honesty.
Likewise, I’m SURE!!!

A different perspective to consider.

See You At The Top
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Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin