And For The Ladies- Changes Must Be Made

Now that I have your attention, I will begin to speak on some things that I find interesting about the way people are and results that people get as a result.
Since I actually Own Mine, I always take full advantage of my privilege to
Speak From The Soul, which I believe is one of the first and most important steps in achieving any thing worthy of mention, which is what the experts call CLEAR and HONEST Communication.

Maybe I am weird, or just different, none the less, the actual facts are that I actually happen to like, or rather enjoy women, more specifically, ones with inner and outer attractiveness.
Last time I checked, this line of thinking could be considered as NORMAL, or so you would think-

An interesting set of circumstances has began to show up in life (my life) that perhaps others experience , and are not speaking about, so here is how it works.

When I actually encounter a woman that I find pleasing, I will without thinking, usually express my views and opinions about her, as it is a NATURAL THING.

The twist in this situation entails that more and more, this scenario results in a result which is the exact OPPOSITE of what I intended and expected.

To be clear and accurate, It would seem as if by showing any appreciation for a woman,more and more frequently, I would be made to suffer for it and pay for it in the long run.

I wouldn’t classify myself as a Psychic, or Clairvoyant, but rather as a person who is aware and empathetic, and its a blessing and a curse depending on how the scenario plays out, as sometimes, I really DON’T want to even know what a persons inner thoughts and feelings or NAKEDNESS actually looks like in the first place.

The thoughts that I hear sounds something like as follows.

“Oh Lord, this poor guy thinks that I am somebody worthy of admiration. Well I guess that I will just need to make it work to my advantage, because obviously his judgment stinks”

or an even better one is as follows.

“Ok great, another guy telling me that I am attractive and showing interest. Obviously, he must be another NOBODY, because if he was really SOMEBODY, he wouldnt be wasting his time on a NOBODY like ME?”

I have been at this position in one way or another for quite sometime now, and in the year 2001 is the first time I was made aware of This Truth.

I was at a popular club which was called Orsini’s during this time, and actually bumped into a young lady that I felt was attractive, so my natural instincts kicked in and words began to come out of my mouth.The problem transpired when she gave me a funky attitude feedback in exchange. Never one to loose my cool, I just inquired further, and she kept refusing to respond.It must have been my Lucky Day because after a while, she decided to have mercy on me and let me in on what it was that I was doing wrong.

When I finally got down to the nitty gritty and asked her what kind of guys she liked, and why she was acting how she was, she told me…….

“I just like Guys who DONT like me!”

From that day forward, I carried this message as a mental note in my mind in regards to properly assessing what I am dealing with when this type of attitude shows itself, and since that very day in 2001, that same type of attitude has began to spread like a computer virus and has appeared to have infected the

Here is what the meat of the matter entails.

At the end of the day, its about decisions, and I am continuously confronted with a choice on how to handle this matter on a continuous basis.

Choice A– Simply reverse my psychology in order to get the results that I am after, meaning ACTING like I DON’T like a woman that I actually do to get a ideal result.

Choice B-Stick to the script and continue to receive negative feedback from positive input.

Well, my choice tend to follow along the lines of choice B- which gives me the unique ability to create Choice C– which is to edit the script with clear and honest communication and allow each and every individual to choose what to subscribe to.

For whatever reason, I was born knowing that most diseases are actually caused through putting energy into going AGAINST what comes naturally. Repression or Recession leads to Depression , sort of like the ECONOMY~Go figure!
Perhaps its better stated as LYING TO YOURSELF!

I just let nature take its course, yet the negative feedback has become somewhat irritating, since it forces me to have to address certain drama scenarios that I see being played out.

I spent much of 2008 studying the science of human relations and male female sexual attraction, and will at some point in the near future reveal the results of my studies.

Typically, here is what i might find.

Taking it to a Hollywood type of level, or the entertainment and fashion industry, where a woman’s self esteem is the driving force of the consumer demand, here is what I have equated thus far.

Why is it, that quite a few women tend to actually find interest in Homosexual and Bi Sexual Men, and befriend each other so easily?

The only thing I can say is are their common likes and dislikes.

What does a Gay Guy many Straight Girls have in common in regards to likes and dislikes?

Girl Does NOT like HERSELF,
and GAY GUY does NOT Like Girl (Attraction). SIMILAR DISLIKE
Girl Does Like Gay Guy, and Gay Guy Who also does Not Like Girl likes other Gay Guy
who does Not Like Girl. Similar Likes.

AHA- One big happy family.

Its a deep game, but one that is at the root of many problems, as life on planet earth really is an end result of a cooperative effort between male And Female, and not a Competitive Effort (Battle Of the Sexes).

The journalist Rita Crosby actually had her career nearly destroyed for speaking on this very subject, as she wrote a book explaining the circumstances that led to Anna Nicole’s Demise,

and interestingly enough we see that two of her male counterparts were said to have had sexual relations with each other without the world being made aware of it. Also what is interesting, is how her only means of therapy, was to be around some Black People acting as care takers in the Bahamas, in order for her to receive some peace of mind, and sense of Normalcy. Barack Obama is President, so I can speak on it as I Please!

The Coldest Game which reflects this set of circumstances is when i perhaps may feature images of attractive women with curvaceous figures, and wind up being accused by some as exploitative of whatever negative connotative speech they choose to use.

The Healthy alternative of course would be to do what is known as Sexy and Classy, which is seen in the
High Fashion industry where The Next Top Model in America is being taught by a Homosexual Male Cross Dresser what is the best way to go about being attractive and sexy, and going as far as offering
SEXY WALK demonstrations to the contestants as well as the millions of young female viewers.

I aint hatin, Im just sayin though…
um well, Ill just do what “I” like.
If we could have her like me back, that would be even better.

At the end of the day , I guess it would need to come from something like because contrary to rumor, perhaps your best friend really IS your worst enemy, and your worst enemy your Best Friend.
Its a judgment we all will have to make, yet your best friend and or worst enemy, for those who have a challenge in assessing this phrase it actually none other than your OWN SELF, as you are the head decision maker for YOU.

Enough for today, as Im off into the 80 degrees in Mid January California Atmosphere!
And I STILL Dig the Ladies, including the one who DO NOT DIG THEMSELVES!

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)


Written By
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin