Free Nights And Weekends?

We are closing out the month of February with some rain here in So Cal, so it as usual inspires insightful thoughts as the weather progresses and seasons change.

As a reference, please review the entry at this link which explains my belief in regards to what it is really all about in life, which is TIME.

Through working in various industries over the years, I have always been fascinated by the growth in mobile phone usage, and the numerous offers for great service plans from the telcom companies, and the primary, and most widely used incentive is in regards to an offer of
Free Nights And Weekends.

I am sure that anyone reading this can relate to the offer, as it is the standard with most plans, and a person without a mobile phone and service in this day and age is an extremely rare individual.

Of course as usual, I hear and see the same things as everyone else, just in a different and unique way, which has always caused me to ponder on what the offer is truly implying.

On one level, it could and most likely reflect a free of charge stance, meaning there is little or no service charge billed to the costumer for usage during evening and weekend hours.

On another level, my mind cant help but wonder if what the word free is referring to, is actually a lifestyle plan which offers freedom during nights and weekends.

I will just leave it in the air for you to ponder on, so that you may view your own, and or the typical and normal time schedule that most people follow, which does usually consist of free minutes for leisure during nights and weekends, with an added bonus of vacation P.T.O. and the occasional sick day.


Its About Time.