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Dear RB,

“High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly, and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true.”

Robert H. Schuller
Televangelist, Pastor and Author

Back to the lecture at hand.
The above quote is from my daily motivational email feed, and the image  above is from an interesting, intelligent, and down to earth female that is in on one of the social networking friends list for this online magazine, and perhaps if you’re lucky, she will soon introduce herself to you personally.

Anyhow, along with some reflection regarding the point of it all regarding this whole Internet phenomenon, I actually do have much to be blamed for in regards to mistakes made in the past as far as judgments, yet with grace, I have remained true enough to the original cause of this brand and online publication to be able to override the missteps, so observe if you will.

Playboy again is a magazine and a brand that is recognized worldwide with the ever popular white rabbit as it’s symbol, and ever since the concept of an online magazine came into my thought flow, I have pondered on the steps necessary to make this online publication hit the spot with an even more effective impact. I have reviewed the history of Playboy and its founder Hugh Hefner from various sources as well as

the entire philosophy of Playboy which is a lengthy manuscript that many are not aware exists, written out by Hefner over the years, which you can actually view for yourself by clicking this link.

My secret (in part) is out of the bag, as the fact would indicate that every single thing that you can think of or have seen and heard from and about Playboy and all of its extensions and associations began and are founded upon what you see in the image above which is Hefner pressing buttons, same as I am now and have been, and will most likely continue to be doing.

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Back @ 5:30 pm and my break ran a bit over, and during that time I decided to shorten this post to approach this entire situation in a different way.

I am going to work towards having this young woman come and share her own stories with you which would be something out of the ordinary in regards to publications rather online or in print, and interestingly enough, she amongst other things, is actually a skilled and talented writer and communicator.

June 4, 2010 – Friday

Life is CRAZY. Live & Learn & Live Again..
Current mood: electric
No I Dont Have A man still… But My life has finally made its course.. 14yrs of waiting and taking crap… My daughter is going to extend her summer vacation. She will be here for GOOD….. YEAH… Its a long Story but mine. and I have been there and now I get to spend the mostImporant years of her life.. Turning her into a YOUNG LADY…. Im not saying the YOUNGER years wasnt Imporant but 14-20 is vital….. But now I have to manage My “work” and HER… I can do it… Im Tru to tha GAME… And Lucky for me SHE ISNT SQUARE TO THIS SHIT…. But has a good HEAD on her…. So To All My Haters Boo… I Make Shit Happen For Real. Still Doin Me..

You know what they say about the worlds oldest profession, and it would have to show the worlds first professor, to profess anything, which may have looked and sounded like this.

“Up Early This Morning.. smoking on GOOD.. Makin $$BenJJis$$ Touch My Fingers Today…”

Stay Tuned.

A different perspective to consider.