Happy Women Equals Happy Village- The First 100 Days

Ok People,
The Party Is OVER and Its Back To Work.
Yet since we are in the era of CHANGE, we can now state,
The Work Is OVER, and its Back To PARTY.

Orders from up top, as you have heard ,are that we need to take swift and effective action in regards to the challenges that we face as a global community, so what I have decided to do is simply find the key areas of focus that I can tackle with the greatest of ease and show instantaneous results.

I actually have a on going bet with myself, that this most simple of concepts will eventually show themselves as the most effective, and here is why.

For some odd reason, I have always been able to asses the condition of any environment  that I may find myself in by simply taking in the attitudes and vibrations of the women in the location. I do tend to frequent the local mall, as well as a few of the Starbucks locations from time to time, and seem to always see women in a fairly cheerful state, some even with children.

My Philospophy, which I will be introducing more in depth in a short time, rests on a belief that the condition of all things including health care as well as the economy are always reflected in the emotional states of the women, as if woman was made as an indicator to the condition of people, places, and things.
You can refer to the following link for some past reference.

Now that its ALL IN THE HISTORY BOOKS, I can also add that a key piece of the implementation of the current change of faces in government is found in the image and link below, although it is not frequently discussed in mainstream media outlets.


In life, we are shown that there are times when what needs to be done, is
WHAT WORKS, so long as it does no harm to other individuals and owns own self, so let the record reflect that when YOUR PRESIDENT states, that a time comes to put away childish things, the GROWN FOLK things will begin to surface.It is a clear working example of the innate ability that many of you young ladies reading this have in regards to bringing about CHANGE, and with the proper application of your gifts and talents, it really is, not the end, but just the beginning.

With that said, its back to the position, with an even GREATER URGENCY, as time really is of the essence and adequate solutions are needed to circumvent a looming Financial Depression.

The experts have stated that it IS about timing, so the flyer below is from the year 2007, and this is a perfect solution and stimulation for the economy  as well as creation of jobs.


Application Form Link, Click Here

In closing, the opportunity is here, as it has been for some time now, and I believe that it is in the best interest of many to begin to be active participants in the game of life (proactive), as opposed to waiting for it to be the POPULAR and SAFE thing to do, as the current signs are showing that

A picture is worth a thousand words, so if YOU can see yourself in the picture, I invite you to come and play a part.

We  Are On Our  Job,
Are You Willing To Get On Yours?

Enough Said!
On With The Show.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin