Why PIMP is The Word? Heaven Only Knows

Once Again Its On!
I often reflect on the history of this movement, and the things that have transpired, most importantly
the individuals and organizations that are here today and gone tomorrow, or even better, that were here yesterday and gone today.

Most of what I enter here is actually for my own motivational purposes, and I leave some on the table
for others who may hunger for the same, as I have been blessed with PLENTY.

With that said, the domain name of your favorite publication was actually created and registered in 2002, and is of PUBLIC RECORD for those who are in the know, and know where to look.

Moving Forward, the wildly popular Social Networking web destination known as Myspace.com was actually introduced in 2003 and gained subsequent notoriety in the years following.
An interesting phenomenon occurred in the process in which individuals then began to use third party applications to customize their personalized profile, and the phrase for the phase became known as
PIMPING my Myspace Page.

Pimpmyspace.org! Here you will find myspace layouts, graphics, backgrounds, and more to pimp out your myspace profile. Pimp MySpace!

Things have a funny way of spreading on their own based on some form of a common need, as the term PIMPING has now become applicable to anything that a person is empowered to create and modify according to the specifications that they see fit.

I will keep this entry brief and actually introduce a flashback video from Dec 28, 2006 to reacquaint myself and those who are interested in what is being offered, and I ask that you pay close attention to some of the buzz words used in the video to see if perhaps the thought process of leadership is one that is effective.

I Love it When A Plan Comes Together.
Self Love Is The Best Thing PIMPIN!

Works For Us.
Might Just Could Work For You TOO.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)


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Scotty Pimpin