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How to breathe while swimming breast stroke?

I have been trying to learn swimming (breast stroke) for the past 13 days.

The problem is that I do not know how to breathe while doing a breast stroke. I understand that I should breathe in when my head is coming above water. But my head is not coming above the water surface! All I am able to do now is to take in a deep breathe and swin approximately half the width of the swimming pool. Then, in order to breathe again, I end up taking a break and standing up on my feet. Can anyone help me to understand what could be wrong here? It seems to me that I am not able to achieve a horizontal position in water while swimming. What could I do to achieve this? Could that be the reason that my head is not coming above the water surface? For a beginner, is breast stroke the right one to start with?

I am quite frustrated that I am not able to get it right. Any help, advice will be deeply appreciated

  • 9 months ago