Green 4 Green- California Marijuana Legalization Initiatives

In The News.
In times of miserable economic climate conditions in the State Of California,
Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Fransisco , has introduced a bill to The State Congress,
in an attempt to legalize marijuana for recreational use for users over 21 years of age.
His argument states that the taxation of the substance would bring billions of dollars to the states economic coffers.

Of course, California is home to the Prop 215 initiative that was passed in 1996 for the legalization of medical use marijuana with a doctors prescription, although United States Federal Law still prohibits its use and distribution.

Its an interesting debate, and I will not enter my own personal opinion, but simply bring awareness to the initiative for public and legislative debate.
What I will offer is a bit of insight by stating that if the definition of marriage is a hot button of controversy in California and nationwide, I would see no real strong public alarm or opposition to the bill being made into law, as this addresses matters of healthcare and the economy simultaneously.



What Happens Next,
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