Blue Diamond Up For Grabs @ $8.5 Million U.S.D.


I’m not quite sure if this type of news interest you with the current economic crisis and all, yet its of interest to someone or else it wouldn’t exist.

A  rare blue diamond has been offered by British jeweler Sothebys , at an auction in Hong Kong for $8 Million U.S. Dollars.
It is currently the most expensive gem stone on the planet per karat.

A blue diamond, expected to fetch over 8 million US dollars at auction, has made its public debut in Hong Kong. Sotheby’s auction house says it isn’t concerned that speculations about a sky-high price will scare off buyers.

I estimate that the ring will sit on the market for an extended amount of time as the auction tour is scheduled to reach Europe in the next few months.

Interestingly enough, the diamond was found in a rock in
South Africa, and its rare qualities indicate that a lengthy amount of searching was conducted prior to the discovery.

My primary interest in the item rests with the aesthetic value of the stone. There is just something about the color blue in a combination with  diamonds that is reminiscent of things of a high symbolic value.
Whats your opinion?

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