Short On Gas Money ? Just Pour Some MOUNTAIN DEW In The Tank !


I came across this good news a few days ago while channel surfing, and thought it would be good to share.

The man in tha image above Paul Patone, has been working for close to 25 years on an invention which is the creation of a device which allows engines to be powered by popular soft drink known as Mountain Dew.

For those who are familiar with the drink, Im sure that the concept would actually make sense in your mind, yet before you run out and pour some Mountain Dew in your tank after stopping by the local gas/food mini mart, please note that the processor and technology is required for the engine to run accordingly as well as a portion of good ole fashioned petroleum! Then again, it may just work without it, so dont be afraid to test it out and let me know what the results were.

Its a testimonial to the ups and downs of outside the box thinking, as the story shows that he, amongst other things, was actually committed to a mental health institution and was actually just recently released in May of 2009.
Eco Lodge(ic) Technologies(*) (the Netherlands) Paul Patone Personal Website, click here

A different perspective to consider.

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