(Repost) SELF RESPECT – The Hollywood Fame Game According To Muhammad Ali


“I made them have to put my star up off the ground, that way, people who don’t respect me can’t spit on me or walk on top of me”

– Muhammad Ali Wisdom


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Article originally published on Nov 9, 2014 by Rylan Branch

We’ve got our work cut out for us, so on with the show because the show must go on.

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Muhammad Ali’s new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame will never be walked on like the other 2,188 famous names.

The former boxer insisted his star be installed on the wall of the new Kodak Theater complex.

Ali said he didn’t want to be walked on by people who disrespect him.

All my life, growing up as a little boy, I always said if I could get famous I would do things to help my people that other people won’t do, Ali said.

I don’t care about being famous. I care about getting the ear of people, because if people hear truth, some will accept it.

He used the opportunity to say he thought black Americans should assert their identity by acquiring indigenous names not the names of white Europeans.

That’s why he changed his name from Cassius Clay, the boxer said.
“I changed my name and that shook the world” he said.

Source: http://www.breakingnews.ie/showbiz/muhammad-ali-is-top-star-on-the-hollywood-walk-of-fame-36163.html

Moral Of The Story (Solution)

“If everybody’s born for a purpose, what do you think you were born for?”
-Fatherly Advice From Muhammad Ali

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