Myspace IM Chat Services


I have been waiting for the guys over @ Myspace fo figure out certain key user preferences  in order to increase their effectiveness as an online social networking service, yet its not my show, so I have had to wait it out.

It looks like they have finally decided to look a bit more closely at things that the competition offers and implementing some of those things into their service roll outs. Its a fair decision as the competition simply looked at Myspace to see what they could offer in a more effective way, so Myspace seems to be on the right track.

In addition to updating the updater/status service to function almost identically to Twitter, they have finally made the correct decision to embed the
Myspace Instant Messenger service into the log in page so that it is available upon log in, similar to Facebook.

In my opinion, which tends to hold some weight around town, the Myspace IM service is actually the best in the business, and I can relate to how the developers of the service feel when it didn’t take off the way that they expected, even though they were aware that the product was “Grade A Primo.” It would be even more Pimpish if the service was able to be integrated with Trillian!

Some decisions were made which indicates that just like in the
BUSINESS of SHOW, you often are required to spoon feed the viewers in order to get them accustomed to the production, as there are so many distractions which may take their focus away from that which is beneficial and likable to them.

The popularity and attraction to Twitter is actually a result of a demand for REAL TIME two way communication, yet even they will have some problems on their hands if they do not resolve key minor yet important elements.

The Resolutions?
(Its classified information, and currently marked as PRIVATE.)

Perhaps Myspace would be wise to implement a face lift for their home page and reintroduce a NEW & IMPROVED MYSPACE similar to what FACEBOOK did recently. Just an idea, yet from what I know, most folks are usually interested in a new and improved version of that which they developed a liking for at some prior point in time, even if its only a mionor yet noticeable change, another way of saying a popular techie term, known as UPGRADES.

For those of you who actually have a profile on Myspace, you can view our Players Club on Myspace
Membership is Exclusive,
yet it does have its privileges, and with the new
instant messenger upgrades, we can now serve your needs even better.
For our international & intergalactic members, the service comes
pre equipped with Skype, so you no longer have a reason to not get in touch.

A different perspective to consider.