Battle Of The Brands- VitaminWater vs. PimpJuice


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Players and Squares!
We are proud to introduce
The Battle Of The Brands .

Due to the fact that it is YOUR hard earned dollars that determine the economic success of retail products, we are now
putting the power in your hands by providing you with the opportunity to co sign on the brands that you think do the trick most effectively.

Today is a comparison of two popular products.
A.Vitamin Water
B.Pimp Juice

Which do you believe has the greatest level of effectiveness?

RB’s Personal Opinion:
Pimp Juice still holds the crown, even though its popularity has lessened over the years, due to individuals in marketing circles with a certain type of thinking.

Why would I make such an outrageous claim, even though Vitamin Water appears to be the hottest selling ticket due to its association with a few of the worlds greatest athletes in addition to involvement from a popular Hip Hop artist and entrepreneur? Lets expand upon the science of ownership as well as cause and effect.

Two more brands to consider.


Apple Bottom Jeans
G-Unit Apparel

I have not heard very much from the likes of Nelly as of late, nor
50 Cent , other than the typical played out beef scenario.

What I have SEEN is a continuous presentation of the Apple Bottom logo on the behinds of attractive young women, and what I have not SEEN as of late is any apparel from G-Unit, and definitely not on the behinds of attractive young women.

It could be a simple case of me only seeing what I want to see, yet it would also indicate that there were women willing to show me at the same exact time.

What led Nelly to the conclusion that he may not necessarily need to release a record for a long while, or even have an endorsement from a popular,and highly paid athlete in order for Apple Bottom Jeans to remain a hit?

Music Videos by VideoCure

Its simple.
The ingredients included in a can of Pimp Juice effects the brains behavior, and influences these types of decisions, as do Apple Bottom Jeans which influences the behaviors of a vast number of men, including…you guessed it, some of those same highly paid athletes!

Again, this is simply my personal opinion, and yours is the
relevant opinion, so look out for more Battle Of The Brands Entries, in which you can submit your own opinions and perhaps have the actual brand creators listen and learn from your feedback in person, here at
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The People Have Spoken!

A different perspective to consider.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin