By Justin Simoni

Upon pondering on which direction to set sail next, I remembered that I have been wanting to speak on what I see so much of as of late.
If I had to sum it up in regards to what the actual popular prize is around town, it definitely seems like being a desired & admired individual is in extremely high demand.

From what I know, it is a fairly normal thing for a human being to desire to be desired or avoid being undesirable in one way or another, yet the landscape appears to be shifting into a state of affairs in which the desire to be desired is leading to an
all consuming obsession for many.

As usual, I always ask the question which is also the second letter of my first name…WHY?
From what I can tell, in very brief terms, I believe that it has everything to do with value, which is a reflection of self worth.

I am certain that this can lead to discussions on many levels, including economics, as the words value and worth are synonymous with it, and since it all begins and ends with the self, we can now comprehend just  how important of a subject matter this is.

While I can not claim with a straight face, that I too do not have a bit of this tendency, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is at a bare minimum, and when I ask myself and my higher ups why its different for me, it appears that it is simply to be in a better position and condition to assist others in achieving their goals of greatness, so as you can see, my work has been cut out for me, and that
my slice is larger than the whole entire pie possessed by many others.

Lets see what we can work on together, yet for starters, let the record reflect this key point which most people in the know consider as a jewel.

You are only as important ,
as you are Necessary/Useful

A different perspective to consider.

See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin