Things Are Swell, Thanks To Abigail- The END RESULT Repost!

(Editors Note- June 17, 2009)

I Like The Lakers, But
Get It In Writing,

(End Note)


(Look Mom,No Photoshop)
There is STILL hope for the Internet.
Here is how we can tell.

After posting the last entry, I went to a profile for one of our social networking outlets and discovered that a friend request had been accepted which was indicated by a thumbs up.

I then proceeded to see what was in store, and I recalled requesting to befriend this young lady. Of course, she like many, had her profile set to private, yet my Jedi  instincts were able to sense that there was something of value under the hood, and I would like to see if you would agree.

(Look Mom,No Photoshop)
Yes indeed, I did to proceed to go straight to the picture gallery first, as it is said that males tend to be more visually oriented, yet since I am also a writer, I decided to further investigate by proceeding to read to her profile entry.
It is here that I discovered that she speaks the same language, which is the language of Love and Light, also known as TRUTH TALK.
Putting the words together again with the pictures, this is what manifested.
(Look Mom,No Photoshop)
Following the path, I noticed something that was out of place.
Here mood icon stated that she at the time of entry was annoyed, which is actually a contradictory emotion to what it is that we represent. What makes it even more mysterious is that since the beginning of 2009, I have been investigating the scenario which claims that certain women have a unique ability to create and call into existence a working solution that serves her needs and can cause it to move towards and find her.

In many cases, it has been known to happen in indigenous cultures, as soon as a woman begins to do a dance. On that note, I invite you to see if this assessment is accurate by viewing the video clip below, and as an added bonus, you are now more aware of the reason why the Los Angeles Lakers seem to have a winning streak as of late and an excellent chance of bringing the title back to The City of Angels for 2009.

Consider it as us, simply doing our part.
Dr. Jerry Buss and the
Laker Staff owe us a favor;)

A different perspective to consider.