Self Service Advertising On Myspace


Things are looking dismal in the industry of online social networking, at least from a business perspective. I actually have found Myspace to be a useful tool over the years, so the least I can do is go ahead and offer some support  for their services here at your friendly neighborhood

It appears that Myspace is now offering a full fledge
self service advertising program with rates starting as low as
$5 dollars. On a site which currently has the 11th highest traffic volume ranking according to Alexa web statistics, I would ordinarily think that the large volume of traffic would yield better returns, as I could imagine it to be a really exhausting task to support that many users at rates that are so low.
When I see that high traffic rank is the equivalent of low cost advertising rates, I would conclude that a new and better way of handling things would be in very high demand, as the other popular social networking sites may very well succumb to the same industry trends.

To all of you Myspace Maniacs, the offer may very well help you to achieve your goals more efficiently, so why not put together a few bucks and support the cause by starting up an official Myspace marketing campaign and do your part to help keep the $580 million dollar investment venture made by News Corporation afloat.
Its the least/most you could do.