In Order To "Be Somebody", You Must "Help Somebody"

I conclude that this is as good of a time as any to step in and place my
$2 dollars in the pot. From what I am seeing, there is still a great demand for people in this world to gain respect and recognition for greatness. In my honest opinion, this is actually a beautiful thing, yet I also see how it can easily cause people to be  led astray from the path which leads to achievement this goal, and from the looks of things, the
popular thing to do is actually leading in a direction which is opposite of that goals destination.

So without getting OVERLY analytical today, I invite any of you reading this to ponder on this tid bit of information.

Since I tend to always be in communication with attractive young women , when a desire to either model or act ,sing, or whatever task leads to a chance for exposure and notoriety, I tend to inquire about the actual motivating factor that makes them wish to pursue these activities.
Although it is the in thing to do, there is still a deeper level than just fitting in with the in crowd , that most of them find hard to explain as well although they hunger for the spotlight regardless. Today I am going to share a special treat in the form of an answer, as it can be a bit embarrassing for anyone to be doing something and not have a sufficient verbal explanation for the action.

Believe it or not, the individual known as The CREATOR is actually an extremely intelligent being. What had happened was, he understood that although there were certain things that people should be paying attention to for the survival of the human species, the mind of a human being tends to wander by nature of its natural desire for growth expansion, so work was put in to create something or someone that was eye catching and attention grabbing, and that is what is known as an attractive woman. It just so happens that an attractive womans attractiveness was simply added to the list of biological features to
bring attention to worthy causes in which she was associated with or attached to such as healthcare, recreation, and any activity that can be considered beneficial to the human race as a whole. So that answers the mystery as to why oh so many young women tend to like to have their pictures taken as well as have fun, and you can just assume that I am speaking from experience.


On that note, I will take responsibility to transcend the game to the next level by stating that being self obsessed and vain is no longer the thing to do and be.
If your communications and actions from this point forward are vain and in no way shape or form beneficial to any cause that benefits anyone beside yourself, then you gets NO RESPECT.
There is a sound reason as to why I have to lay down rules as such with such clear accuracy, that your first instinct is to adhere to them, yet its all in your best interest. With that said, we will be focusing on having what you enjoy doing  being combined with worthy causes such as food distribution, helping the sick and shut in and other causes which allow you to fulfill your actual purpose for creation as a woman which is to



As for the guys reading this, I will add further discourse on this later, but for now, simply refer to the video up above at the beginning of this entry and recognize that there is an order of operations that needs to be followed, and I am simply following orders from up top, and it is in your best interest to follow suit as well and play your part.

A different perspective to consider.
See You At The Top
( And Bring A Friend!!)

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin