Total Recall- California Budget Cuts


Wheter its good news or bad news, is based on your viewpoint, yet I am simply doing my duty, which is to report the news.

In a long awaited process of legislative executive decision making, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger along with law makers in
The Golden State have decided to just say no to tax increases in these trying economic times in which California probably ranks highest in regards to state fiscal woes.

The decision has also been made simultaneously, to cut spending in mass amounts on public service initiatives in the areas of
public and higher education, health care, and government assistance programs.
It is know across the board that California is usually the catalyst for change in the United States, and the trends that begin here will begin to spread to other states in the union and on to the other nations of the world.

If the taxes are raised, the citizens will complain, and if the spending is cut, the citizens will complain, so it appears to be a choice between which accepted complaints are in the best interest of the public at large as well as the private sector who may stand to see some increase in profit with the demand now being served by private institutions, similar to what we see with the privatization of the prison system in California.

What is really going on?
This is the question that some may be asking and the honest truth is that I cant say for certain, not because I dont know, but rather, because I cannot say. What I will say is that I think it will ultimately boil down to supply and demand which is simply based on individual and group priorities.

For example, I became aware of this decision through watching the news reports on the Good Day L.A. news show on Fox, regarding protests at universities, as there are proposed cuts in the area of $3 billion dollars in the area of higher education, and $6 billion in cuts for public education. If education is not a high priority for the citizens of a state or nation, then what is?

From the looks of it, it appears that material items such as
middle class suburban homes,

vehicles with chrome wheels ,

retail shopping
are highest on the list, at least in California.

When it comes to supply and demand, at this point in
American Society, the consumption of goods and services that may make one
appear to others as on a status of prosperity, outweigh the demand for education and wellness, which once aquired, cannot be repossesed or foreclosed upon.

My line of thinking in regards to this matter stems from
the fact that large scale
global banking systems
which lend finacnes and issue credit  for many of these items actually have recieved more federal government tarp money and bailout funding  along with some large scale
2006 GM TEN Event - Stacy Keibler

private corporations
that produce these goods and services , than the entire amount of debt owed to creditors by the State of California.
A cool $60 billion dollars from the $789 billion dollar stimulus bill would tighten up the California cash crunch sufficiently.

Again, its in the name of public demand, so the rules of the game are still that

you can never be mad at the seller, so long as the buyer is buying.

There are plenty of tiwsts and turns in this literal version of this feature film known as  Total Recall , yet I believe that it really all boils down to that one key word, which is priority.

Reading along with writing, in my opinion, is fundamental, and I am willing to bet that those with the highest degree of literacy, will end up with the advantage and greatest potential for survival.
Whatever the rules are, new or old, laws, billing statements, and contracts,  are all written by some and signed by and adhered to by others.

A different perspective to consider.

Stimulus Is LAW,
Put It On The Card

Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin