16th Branch Of The Academy…New Media = New Establishment- Repost From January 01, 2008

Greetings Earthlings, and welcome to 2008.
We will start off the year by giving you a HIGH FIVE , for a job well done.
It also symbolizes the fact that we have officially reached 5 years as an organization, and still have yet to get started.

So on that note, with the shut down in Hollywood based on the subject of New Media, we can go ahead and provide a
few solutions for those in need starting with a brief history lesson.

In the year of 1927 , a group of executives in the film industry decided to construct a Hotel in Hollywood in order to provide a centralized boarding location for talent and executives arriving in Hollywood in greater greater numbers.

At this time, the individuals decided that it would be a fitting time to establish an Academy for the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , to give proper credit to those who demonstrate excellence in their particular craft.
They developed a certain set of criteria in different areas of the industry such as acting, directing , executive duties which all comprise the current 15 branches of the Academy.
The first official Academy Awards ceremony was held at this very hotel in the year of 1929.
Fast forward to 2008. We will now introduce the 16th branch known as the New Media Branch.
This will be prepared in anticipation of the 81th anniversary of the Academy in 2009.
The criteria for this discipline will be held by us in order to usher in a new area of show business.
Details for the New Media Branch will be announced.

We leave you with a 2007 image from the hallways of the Roosevelt Hotel where it all got started.

The Writing Is On The Wall.
Time To Rise & Shine!!!

See You At The Top
Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin