Hugh Hefner – Never Chase Em', Just Replace Em'

I haven’t still heard any solid feedback other than whats been old news for a minute, but the latest drama appears to be in regards to Hefner’s New Twins, who have been seen with him out and about in public as of late.

The reports have come in to state that his latest additions , Karissa and Kristina , have some minor criminal history.
Its probably just what Hefner needs at this stage of the game.

Its known that

Holly shook tha spot supposedly because Hefner couldn’t produce enough sperm to impregnate her. Its a cold game, but well…. iunno, didn’t appear that she was a hit with the fans anyway.

Bridget- Still up in the air .

Kendra has been wanting to get off parole for a hot minute as well and supposedly has some solo reality show offers in the works. It’s a good look for Kendra, as she has ample Game Recognizance,

Que sera sera