Level 26 "Digi-Novel" Combines Book, Movie and Website

Lets the good news roll.

This time we can begin with the moral of the story. Let the record reflect that when a person has ideas and concpets that are new and non traditional, especially durring a time of heavy stagnation and redundancy across the board, it sometimes requires that an individual who has had enormous success in another segment of the same industry, begin to converge on the parts of the industry that the original individual is already working in to help fill in the pieces and get others interested in involved.


In the news, Anthony Zuiker, creator of the hit television series C.S.I. is releasing what is known as a digi Novel, known as Level 26, which combines and makes use of current new media platforms.

Per Reuters News Feed.

“Just doing one thing great is not going to sustain business,” he said. “The future of business in terms of entertainment will have to be the convergence of different mediums. So we did that — publishing, movies and a website.”

He said he did not believe the digi-novel would ever replace traditional publishing, but said the business did need a shot in the arm.

“They need content creators like myself to come in the industry and say, ‘Hey, let’s try things this way,'” he said.

I simply see it as a natural progression of the entertainment industry and I am glad to see that Mr. Zuiker made a decision to invest his time and expertise into this new media arena.

He also states that his interest for the project was sparked by the events which took place durring the writers strike in 2007/08.

All that I will say from this end is the same as usual, which is to stay tuned and consider getting involved.

A different perspective to consider.