The Burden Of Proof In The Moment Of Truth

Greetings Earthlings!

Today is the last official day of 2009 as well as the first decade for the new millennium, and we have been blessed with a fresh clear blue day here in Southern California to lead us into the future, so I decided to wrap up my 2009 installments with an apex climax.

My predictions for the year 2010 and beyond are as follows.

Simply put, after a decade full of deep reflection and analysis, I believe that many of the things in popular culture which are currently being utilized to help ease the burden of proof, will begin to show themselves as things that increase the burden 10-100 fold.

I will save my usual philosophical discourse for another time, and simply close out the decade with a historical, yet hauntingly relevant quote from the likes of one of the greatest authors in modern history.

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive. – Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

Expect the best, and not a settlement for less, here at
Your Friendly Neighborhood

“Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe”- Anonymous

and familiarize yourself with the symbol below,

which is a critically acclaimed accolade parallel to the award pictured above, known as
The Atlas Award.

Happy New Year,
to you and yours.