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Identity documents in the United States

There is no true national identity card in the United States of America, in the sense that there is no federal agency with nationwide jurisdiction that directly issues such cards to all American citizens for mandatory regular use. Instead, since the United States is a federal republic, citizens are identified by a patchwork of documents issued by both the federal government as well as individual state and local governments. All legislative attempts to create a national identity card have failed due to tenacious opposition from liberal and conservative politicians alike, who regard the national identity card as the mark of a totalitarian society.

At present, the only national photo identity documents are the passport and passport card, which are issued to U.S. nationals only upon voluntary application. The driver’s license, which is issued by each individual state, operates as the de facto national identity card due to the ubiquity of driving in the United States. Source (Read More):


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Moral Of The Story (PH Identification Solutions)

Obama said the “unprecedented exchange of information” has created a “volatile politics” in Western countries, which leads people to begin to question their national identities.

President Barack Obama Remarks On “Fake News“.

And  The Cold Part About It Is…

All business, including but not limited to the one known as The United States in which President Elect Donald Trump has so labeled as “a business” in his Instagram post, is a result of successful fulfilment of a need and supplying of a demand, and The Game gets deep when we recognize that the current trends in technology, specifically social media, and recently with news about The Alt Right, and whose news is real vs. fake, in addition to Twitter being used by Mr. Trump as a substitute for reputable mainstream media coverage, all boils down to the matter of identity, and a need for it to be validated on an individual and collective group basis, and while it does seem to be a bit of a paradox for now President Elect Donald Trump to be experiencing challenges with having his identity validated and respected, as the same individual who went through great lengths to challenge the validity of current President Barack Obama’s identity, going as far as acquiring legal documents to act as forms of valid identification to prove a point in what has become known as the birthers movement, either way, as said by Deepak Chopra in the clip below regarding what is required to be a successful entrepreneur,

The “secret” to making money, he said, is knowing the difference between money and wealth.

“Money is a symbol; wealth is a state of awareness that allows you to tap into your inner creativity in order to fulfill a need that somebody else has.


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