The Tila Tequila Casey Johnson Story

For those interested in such matters, and for the sake of reporting the news, the “IN THE MATRIX “ news version is as follows.

Casey Johnson, Billionaire Heiress of the Johnson & Johnson fortune and same sex finance of Internet Celebrity Tila Tequila, was found dead in her apartment on
05 January 2010. The cause of death is currently unknown, yet it is being reported as natural as of current press time.

The “OUT THE MATRIX” news version is as follows.

On 22 December 2009, an article was posted here at regarding the science of Internet Stardom, along with images and links to Tila’s web locations.  Thirteen days and some change later, the news reads as it is above.

No, no bad luck wished on anyone, as we are actually here to help make things better. It is simply a record of the facts, and a reflection of the consequences for different types of attitudes and behaviors.

On with the show.