Why Fraternities and Sororities Exist

The place you envision really does exist.

What/Who “HOLDS YOU BACK” from reaching your full potential?

Do your research and ponder yonder.

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I do know that it is said that nothing truly happens on accident, and many times I agree, so for the past six or so years, I have been asking myself questions about why things are the way they are and the reason why things exist in the first place, and what I find most interesting is that many of the things that exist have little if any actual information regarding the exact reasons why and their actual origins, and are usually  just shown as things that people do, because its the in thing to do, meaning its what they saw an individual or group doing and wanted to do in order to fit in with the group or flock.

Definition :

The term herd mentality is derived from the word “herd”, meaning group of animals, and “mentality”, implying a certain frame of mind. However the most succinct definition would be: how large numbers of people act in the same ways at the same times.

Herd behavior is distinguished from herd mentality because it applies to all animals, whereas the term “mentality” implies a uniquely human phenomenon. Herd mentality implies a fear-based reaction to peer pressure which makes individuals act in order to avoid feeling “left behind” from the group. Herd mentality is also a part of “mob mentality.”

I will keep this one breif, as I still have research to do on the matter as well as other matters to attend to today.

On Wikipedia, it states the following.

Most Greek letter organizations are social organizations, presenting themselves as societies to help their members better themselves in a social setting.
That is a part of it, yet it only explains Greek letter organizations and what we see in college and university settings.
I will research the reasons why they are even named with Greek letters in the first place, as it is clearly obvious that civilization did NOT begin in Greece, or Europe for that matter.

My theory is that like anything else, it began as something simple, like perhaps there was a time where the Kool Kids, found a need to separate themselves from the Squares, in order to move forward and not be stuck in a comfort zone which often winds up turning into a trap.

Squares and their continuous fear of  the unknown and unfamiliar, tend to fit in to this category naturally.
For whatever reason, there was , is and always will be a cause and effect for all things, and I notice that somehow, and in someway, leadership and  power positions across the globe have always been held by members of  exclusive social groups which require members to be initiated and pay membership dues.
I will also state that since prostitution is often cited as the worlds oldest profession, the starting point of this scenario will also most likeley be found somewhere in that vacinity.

I will leave you with a video clip that I tend to refer to, when in question about things, and while we all have our viewes about what is credible in regards to knowledge and wisdom, this is what tend to save me the time and hassle of thumbing through pages of literature from so called great philosophers and thinkers.