How To Become The Center Of Attention

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I would conclude that with other more urgent matters taking place in the island nation of Haiti, the subject of this entry would pale in comparison in regards to importance, when compared with those other matters, or so you would think.

Yesterday, I took some time away to really ponder on the direction in which to move this cause known as and it was during that time that I came to a very interesting revelation.

If I had to sum up the core demand for online social networking outlets and their popularity, it would show itself to be based on an individuals desire to have their pictures seen and words heard or as the post title reads, to become the center of attention.

Again it has been proven, that answers can usually be found in plain sight, yet perhaps the reason why we sometimes miss seeing them is because we simply do not want to, or as I heard it said in The Da Vinci Code movie,

“The Human Eye Sees What It Wants To See”

In regards to large scale an even minor humanitarian efforts, I always question whether the true intention of many that provide assistance to those less fortunate, is really a veiled attempt to play the part of the hero, and receive some form of praise and admiration in exchange for their contributions?

Audrey Hepburn - Unicef In Africa.

It is a popular stance in the entertainment business, that truly sincere humanitarians and philanthropists actually donate and assist in secret and off radar, and it is somewhat less respectable to be seen helping those in need and receiving acclaim as a result.

I can see how perhaps an individuals celebrity can assist in bringing awareness to particular causes that may otherwise go unnoticed, yet it still points back to the fact that people are said to do all things with their own self interest as the motivator, even if it appears to be in the name of helping others, and I can attest that it is the true for me, and even admitting that I am honest about it is a form of self praise, so we are not much different in actuality.

As I was observing yesterdays news proceedings, as well as pondering on how we can assist individuals as a company, it really does appear that peoples desire to be seen and heard takes precedence over all, including perhaps listening and paying attention when it actually may be necessary and beneficial, so I oh so cleverly worded this entry to cater to this selfish tendency that we all have a bit of, because at the end of the day, it will always require some form of know how in order to achieve a goal, so lets see what we can see.

In a typical ‘head wags the tail’ fashion, I can start at what many would consider to be the top, and asses the situation from above, so please attempt to answer the question stated in the image caption below.

Would You Like To Be On The Cover Of This Magazine?

Its different strokes, for different folks, so the answers may vary, yet for me, my stance is different by default as I am actually working for a publication, and make decisions in regards to who, what, and where is to be the center of attention and focus on a daily basis, which is how each subject matter is placed on the menu for you to choose from.

I am sure that the amount of data needed to describe whats really going on in society, with an overwhelming sense of self absorption would require an entire book series, which I may deliver on in the near future, yet for the sake of simplicity, I can just refer to a picture that is popular in classical art, and allow you to form your own judgments in regards to what it represents, as everything does actually come at a cost.

Vanity - Look at the image closely.

Even I am willing to admit that this human tendency is probably here to stay regardless of the dangers that it often entails on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level, so what I have settled on is a simple selection process to determine who, what, and where deserves to be the center of attention, and it is simply that which serves the needs of others and contributes to the betterment of others and the environment as a whole.

Whether it is on a small or large scale, as a very basic rule, it really is
the thought that counts, so help us to help you, which is done by helping each of us to help each other.

Play your part.
Got it? Good, so on with the show!