Viewer Appreciation Day – $100 Dollars In The Mail For YOU!


Up in ths sky, its a bird, its a plane
its R.B. offering what you need to maintain.

Yesterday, just as I expected, I had a very enjoyable and fruitful day with plenty of mysterious things to share, yet as usual I will cut to the skinny and keep it brief.

It was another one of those lucky days where I somehow, someway, just kind of walked right in to some money which seemed to be waiting for me, which has been a frairly common occurance for a good amount of time now. Interestingly enough, when I grabbed ahold of it, I then noticed that for whatever reason, there was nothing that I really wanted or was in need of at that time, as it usually happens. Within an hour of this happening, some teenager just happened to stop by a table that I was sitting at, after he passed by a few others in the vicinity. He then asked if I had some money to spare so that he could get something that he desired at one of the local food stations. I thought about it, and interestingly enough, it seemed almost as if he knew somehow that I just had a “come up“.

In the wierd kind of way that I am, I actually passed some of the money over to him , considering that perhaps it was for me to give away, since I really didnt have anything in mind that I needed or wanted. I then pondered on this event for the rest of the  evening, and decided at the start of today , that I can simply continue heading in this direction so see if I notice similar or even greater results.

With that said, if you have been following along for long enough, you should be used to the fact that I tend to operate in somewhat of a unique way, and as usual, I just share my results with others, who may be able to achieve their aims by following the same steps. Therefore, today I am giving everyone reading this a notice of recipt, which states that you will be recieving $100.00 dollars in the mail or by some other means in a very short time, and it will come to you in the same way that I came to me, which is in an unusual and somewhat of an unexpected yet simple and stress free way.

The catch?
Yes, you are correct, there is a catch, yet probably different than what you would expect. The requirements for this to take place for you are that you tell at least two other people about this notice. In order for YOU to recieve the reward, you must share the news with at least tow others and at least one must read it, and it is the same with anyone who reads and wishses to recieve. I believe its called a chain letter or something to that effect, yet in this particular instance, the first link begins with me so that when you click the link below,

it will then begin with you and  continue on down the line.

If I needed to be  philisophical , I would state that it has something to do with a fundamenal law of nature known as income and output, yet since I dont
need to do that,  I will keep it even more simple and test out the stance that claims

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Perhaps the effect of receiving really is a result of the cause of giving.
Tech talk from a closet techno junkie.

A different perspective to consider.