Well What Happens If I Dont ?

“He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.” John 12:25

Happy Humpday !
Judging by the response from yesterdays entries, I am again reminded that these are some of the subjects that our viewers and interested in, and I take responsibility for neglecting to remember that not everyone in the world goes through life aware of the nuts and bolts which make the machine work.

It also indicates that my instincts again have guided me well, as others may be reluctant to speak about certain matters out of a fear of being ostracized, due to the fact that these subjects are a bit outside of the scope of what is considered normal conversation, even though these subjects are at the very root of the causes and effects of everything that occurs at every single moment, and are subjects that many of us do ponder on in our alone time, or time spent with people who we do know and trust.

On with the discussion.
The quote above is one that I have always wondered about, as although it sounds like something wise to say, it is also contradictory to what is normal, and rational thinking.

I guess it is due to the common belief that we should actually enjoy and appreciate life, and live it to the fullest, which would actually contradict the above quite, which claims that eternal life is acquired through a dislike for our current worldly  life.

Most likely, it is all a matter of interpretation, so I will share what my beliefs are in regards to what the statement is conveying.

Simply put, over the years, I have learned through personal experience, that one of the things that tends to go hand in hand with anything that we may love or be in love with, is a constant fear of loosing it.

There are those in the field of psychology that state that people in the world are generally motivated through fear, and the most prevalent form of fear is the fear of loss.

Interestingly enough, when watching a new millenium Star Wars Movie with my sons, I found it most interesting that Jedi Master Yoda, told his young apprentice Anikin Skywalker, that

Fear Of Loss Is A Path Which Leads To The Darkside

Anaikin then asked how he or anyone else was to avoid the consequence, and Yoda said that he must take everything that he fears losing, and let go of it or give it away.

If we had to use our brain, we would be able to put together that the first thing on the list of things that we fear loosing, is that which we love and enjoy.

I have heard even further insight from experts in this field of study, which claim that people usually do tend to loose simply due to their own fear of loosing,  as if a fear of loosing something actually becomes a cause of loss in the first place. In professional athletics and war, it is known as focusing on the opposition as opposed to the mission.

With that said, the statement quoted in the beginning would then, in my opinion translate to the fact that love of life when put in this context, would also show up as a fear of death, and if we again had to use our brain, and plug in all of the scenarios above, we would see that a fear of death may actually be one of the root causes of the state of existence in the first place.

Even for me, it all sounds too metaphysical at times, so in response, I will put into the context of everyday occurrences that most of us should be able to relate to.

The most important question is as follows.

How much of what we tend do on a daily basis, is motivated by a fear of what will happen if we don’t do it?

Its just a question, yet I am taking a gamble by believing that this question and image will hit directly at the root of what may be the cause of your suffering, which is your own thinking.

There was a post entry last week that speaks on the subject of time, and this current post ties in effectively to drive the point home.

What is the resolution?
I doubt seriously that you would believe me if I told you, due to the fact of how simple it really is, so I will simply state that the experts do say that the REAL AMERICAN DREAM, is the ability to do something that you enjoy and earn a living by doing it.

The key point of emphasis is something that you enjoy, and not something that you do not enjoy, but are doing to simply hold on to that which you do enjoy, posses, and fear loosing, which will usually show up as some form of a comfort zone, which is, in my opinion, a fancy way of saying a trap.

In closing, I am aware that there are some viewers that get confused with all of the pimpology quotes and references, being mixed in with scriptural insight, and or some funky sounding new age lingo,which make the discussion more credible sounding according to what they believe as credible, yet at the end of the day, what it looks and sounds like vs. what results it produces is decided by you, in regards to the most important factor, so with that said, the rules are as follows.

A.Pimps- Do what they want.
B.Ho’s- Do as they’re told.
C.Sucka’s- Do what they can/are allowed to.

Choose your category, and continue to stay tuned.