Did Congress Player Hate The Salahi's ?

The Salahi's- Pleading The Fifth With A Gangster Grill

The Salahi’s are pictured in this image at a congressional hearing being verbally spanked by members of the U.S. House Of Representatives, and pleading the fifth amendment for each of the questions posed to them by the speakers.

For those who are not familiar with the story, The Salahi’s are the couple who allegedly crashed the first White House State Dinner held by the Obama Administration in November 2009 with India’s Prime Minister Singh as the invited guest, and are subsequently facing criminal charges stemming from their alleged security breaches.

The congressional probe was a bit of a witch hunt in my opinion, to see who a majority of the blame should be placed on, and according to the Salahi’s, they actually were invited guests, and did not willingly violate U.S. Secret Service security protocols.

What I find most interesting is that The President, has not, to my knowledge acknowledged any wrong doing on their part, and although it could be considered a serious security breach by some, it may show that a persons general gut instinct about people in their environment still beats any technological or procedural defense systems.

The way it works in Hollywood, and perhaps many other places in the world is that entrance into the most exclusive of gatherings can usually be acquired simply through being in the company of an attractive woman to act as an escort, as she is actually ALWAYS invited, and the proof is evident, when we see that the Salahi’s have notoriety in reality television ans showbiz circles, and turned the whole ordeal into a job for themselves by publicizing their adventures on Facebook.

Congratulations, You're Going To Hollywood !

Congress and the U.S. Secret Service will need to explain away the image above, which shows the Salahi’s pictured with the Black Eyed Peas, Randy Jackson from American Idol, and Mr. President Himself, Barack Obama, and it goes to show once again, that at the end of the day, there really is no business like show business, and regardless of who where or what, the rules clearly state that

The Show Must Go On!

I lend my support to the Salahi’s and state again that we need less insecurity, as opposed to more security.