How We Separate The "Wanna Be's" From The "Really Are's"

A wannabe (pronounced []) is a person who imitates or emulates another. The term derives from the words “want to be”.

This entry is for the sake of continuing to keep our viewers included in the growth and expansion of this mission by allowing them to follow along on the journey of discovery and self realization.

When building a brand, this type of scenario does appear to be extremely relevant, and with the types of technological goods and services available to be used by any plus twenty on The Internet, I believe it becomes even more pertinent to really evaluate what is really what.

The actual answer is one that I am still searching for, and as a creator, I have noticed that the abundant amount of websites which allow any individual the chance to imitate that which they wish to be, makes it an everyday challenge to find some key criteria to help separate the laundry.

Should each individual who wants to have a shot at success have the right to create an online presence and test the waters, and who deserves the right to say yay or nay?

As politically correct and virtuous as it may sound, I believe that without an actual governing body to maintain standards of quality, the good will usually wind up being mixed in with the junk, and bring the value of the good into a state of decline and decadence, as all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch, and one bad bunch, to spoil the harvest.

Perhaps it is a bit elitist sounding, as individuals who strive for and demand excellence are often accused of, yet the ends of this form of thinking do tend to justify the means, so I will simply leave you with one jewel that I apply when confronted with this dilemma, and it is in regards to how to sparate the grown ups from the kids.

A.Grown ups tend to focus on their work, and doing things well.
B. Kids tend to be primarily  focused on trying to be somebody and be noticed by others.

What is your opinion?