Nina Sky- Beautiful People

Photographer: Jim Larer

Say what you will, yet and still, one of my favorite parts of this job that I love is when I get to sit and watch the girls grow up and blow up, which is indicated by the size of the image above.

For those not familiar with the twins Nicole and Natalie Albino combined as the duo act known as, Nina Sky burst on the scene in 2004 at the age of 17, with their club banger

Move Ya Body

Move Ya Body, which combined Caribbean dance hall rhythms with updated flavor and helped to spark the current Reggaeton phenomenon that has resulted in networks such as MTV creating channels specifically for this market.

This duo of tiwns hails from New York City, and have been involved in underground urban music circles since their pre teen years.

After an underground mixtape circuit stint and a few off the radar power moves and a variety of image changes, they have arrived back to usher in
the new decade with a single entitled Beautiful People, which explores their actual talents as musicians. The video clip below will direct you to all of the groups online outlets.

Let the record reflect, that again, in my honest opinion,

Hip Hop Is DEAD, &
Pimp Hop Is BREAD.

On with the show.