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Whats good in the hood?
Technically, I am supposed to be on vacation, yet at the same time I actually live on vacation and help others to do the same which would make vactioning a part of my job description.

Anyhow, I came across this advertisement on Myspace, that called my attention to something of great importance.

Since the beginning of this PimpHop.com venture I have held on to the belief that in actuality, the actual draw to the Internet is in the desire to express ones self or do what that advertisement above states which is to

Avatar Yourself.

Those of us in the tech world are familiar with the term that interestingly enough, is the name of the highest selling movie in history, as avatars are what people use for their online identities.

Some have stated that the problem with certain social networking atmospheres is the allowance of nick names and the creation of false identities, yet I refute that idea since I actually commend any person who seeks to create a more likable image and view of their self to the extent that much of the content of Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com is geared toward this very purpose, plus we can now demonstrate the astronomical value of advertisement space and publicity with this online publication

With that said, would it NOT be one of the most PIMPISH feats in the history of the world to establish and maintain a school of sorts which offers courses for creating a more desirable and likable self, know to the world as an avatar, which can be applied online as well as in the flesh?

Its a matter of opinion, yet I agree with my own, so since the post prior to this entry is in regards to construction, we can state that one of the attractions that is being developed is you, and begin with a quote from the prior post with insight from Oprah Winfrey in which I stated.

success could actually be as simple as using your time, mind, and body in ways similar to those who have achieved success

Actually, I too have an avatar, who plays a big part in the creation of that which you are witnessing, and his name is written in code down below, so if it works for me, it might just could work for you too.

Stay Tuned.

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