Walk With Me..What I Like in A Woman- THE VIDEO

Whats the good news?
This entry is actually for me more so that anyone else, as I am doing a bit of self analysis/observation work before my meeting at 5pm which is in a few hours, so you may just be able to eavesdrop and pick up on somethings that you can use as well, as I’m just feeling generous like that at the moment.

Since the beginning of last month, with my 4th of July , Why Is Liberty A Lady entry in particular, I have noticed an upward spiral in progress leading in to the current month of August, leading into the next month of September which is in 4 days from now. I have observed many different elements, and made adjustments here and there, and am now looking at the best possible means of achieving maximum impact if such a things exists, and when I was considering the notion, I looked up and decided to apply exactly what is in from of me, which is ME.

What had happened was, this video featured at the beginning was made last year in the Spring of 2008, and for some reason, it saved itself as a bookmark tab on the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, since it was loaded to Google Video, due to the time length of the video, so it sits there and has been there for a good year and 8 months now, yet I believe that I have actually viewed it no more than 7 times since the time that it was created.
The reason?
Its the same me that I see every single day, and have been seeing every since I can remember.

When I watch the video,I really don’t see anything that stands out, yet like anything else, that’s only my observation of myself, because another person who is not with me on a daily basis seems to see things differently.

What it actually does is opens up some interesting questions about the mystery of me. First and foremost, the video was simply a result of having some time on my hands before going to the basketball courts that day, and since a buddy of mine had a camera on his phone, We decided to go ahead and see what we could come up with, due to the fact that we had made a couple of videos before that people thought were interesting.

None of it is actually re-hearsed as it was never hearsed in the first place. I guess we can also say that it is unscripted or edited, without the aid of teleprompters,

yet in all actuality, since I am a writer, I guess I just make up my own lines as I go, and just recite them, saving the time that it takes to write or type them as I am doing at this very moment.

When you are speaking about important issues that can impact the world in a critical way, it may help to have some notes to refer to on a screen or paper, yet in this video, I guess its not something that could effect the world, because im just speaking about what I like in a woman, and different assessments of what I’m seeing in the world. The fact that I am doing this while walking up the hill/mountain is only a result of my desire to get out and enjoy the sun, so when it comes to people who have dreams  of freedom and see the mountain tops, I just think its better to go see and experience it all in real life, and if you cant come and join, you can watch online.

As controversial as it may sound to some, I believe that people such as Moses and Jesus walked and talked from hills and mountains because they felt like getting out to enjoy the sunshine and get some exercise, as these are elements that have existed for all people globally since the world was created.

As for the video itself, I actually cant seem to find the reason why I really still don’t have any true yearning for in being on camera, so I have done researched and asked people in the know, and what I have discovered is interesting to say the least.

You have a concept of what is known as camera shy, which would prevent, or cause most to be hesitant to appear on camera, yet with me, its a different scenario, as I now have to ponder on the fact that I have been being watched for as long as I can remember, and it is such a normal part of my reality, that I am never really aware it being something important. I’m used to it, so what I attempt to do is get others who may be interested to take turns at the wheel, and here in lays the mystery.

When I go to the social network sites, I see so many individuals who appear to want to be on, I guess, what is a stage to be seen and heard, so I automatically conclude that the opportunity will be well received, yet when it comes to live video, interestingly enough there is at many times a freeze up, especially when it is spontaneous, yet I believe the concept of Reality T.V. and
You Tube is shifting the tides in favor of such a thing happening.

I believe what is in order now, due to the redundancy of
Reality Television formats, is a new format known as
Television Reality series where we investigate the realities of the medium known as Television and showbiz in general and further realize them.

A word of caution for those who to come and borrow ideas from this online publication for their own presentations, wondering why I am foolish enough to share the excellent ideas with others to use without my permission or knowledge and make a profit.

If you continue to follow along, I estimate that before this year is complete, I will begin to also share a bit of wisdom as to the reasons why it not only does NOT work for you, but actually leads to detrimental and hard to explain results leaving you to ponder as to whether or not it was actually set up to work that way.
Its just a mystery waiting to be explained, so have some patience, which is considered a virtue.

In closing, Ive got a couple of hours before my meeting, so this is just to give thanks for your continued support and interest in this ever continuing things that we still don’t have a classification for , which is why we had to make up a name for it, which is known to you as PimpHop.com with your host R.B. Code Name- Scotty Pimpin.