Ludacris – Battle of The Sexes

Back to reality if thats what it really is.
Today while making my usual web rounds, I took some time to review the new album from Ludacris entitled Battle Of The Sexes at Myspace Music, which is scheduled for release on March 09, 2010.

Overall, production wise, you most likely will not find anything outside of the ordinary, yet it is up to par with current standards and previous releases by Ludacris, along with a host of guest appearance features.

This is in fact a good look for Hip Hop as the subject title is actually something that definately needs to be addressed, and is done so in a clever way throughout the album as it offers a fair and balanced perspective regarding many of the likes and gripes held by each side in regards to male female relationships in the current age of computer love/hate, and with the help of a few reputable female MC’s including Trina, Eve, Lil Kim, and DTP’s own, Shawnna, the ladies defintaely hold it down to ensure that the album meets Official PimpHop Approved Standards.’

Lastly, Ludacris once again delivers in his area of expertise, which is sexually explicit conversation  that many women actually have been known to enjoy hearing when put into the correct context and coming from the correct sources.

Its a good investment to actually add to your collection as a male or female player, so you should definitely support the cause and pick up a copy for yourself and or any who you feel may need to step their game up.

Shout out to Ludacris, Pimpin All Over The World and such, because in actuality, life on the planet frequently called Earth, really is a result of male female relationships, as if you didn’t already know.

A different perspective to consider.