The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

Its that time of the year again, known as Oscar time.
I decided to do something a bit different today by exploring some of the mysteries and interesting facts about the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences, which is responsible for the highly coveted achievement award known as the Oscar.

First and foremost, although the official name of the award is The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) Award, it is unofficially known as the Oscar, even though there is no known factual reason as to why it is called by this name.

Secondly, there is a popular urban legend that claims that  the statue was molded in the form of a woman’s body and an actress named

Delores del Rio In Technicolor

Delores del Rio posed naked for the original creators.

Thirdly, the mysterious churchlike building in the header image of this post was the original headquarters for The Academy before it moved to a near by facility on Wilshire Blvd with a more updated corporate office feel. The location is now a library and research center that houses archives, and has somewhat of a top secret reading room entrance requirement that does not permit any form of notepads, pens, cameras, or cell phones, etc.

La Cienega & Beverly Blvds- Thirty Mile Zone Center Intersection

For whatever reason, durring the 60’s , some form of a studio zone as formed which required any work done by actors outside of this zone to be compensated for travel expenses. The zone was a radius of thirty miles, hence you have the name thirty mile zone, popularly known to you as TMZ.

The research center library is located within 2 miles of this location at
333 N La Cienega Blvd.

Back to reality, if thats what it really is, many mysterious and borderline paranormal activities have been reported to have happened to many famous and non famous individuals within this zone, and I have always had the same inclinations to investigate the reasons why.

There really is in fact an artistic and scientific component to pictures, in this particular case, motion pictures, by which an an Academy was established for study and exploration, so I invite any of our more creatively minded viewers to visit the official website for The Academy and see if you can discover any resources that you may find useful.

In closing, as stated in the past, with the introduction of this new digital media element being used, known as the Internet, we are pushing for an additional branch of emphasis to be added to the current 15 discipline categories of
The Academy, and perhaps its my imagination working overtime that explains why I feel that there is a connection regarding a near marathon of Tom Hanks movies on TNT on the evening before the Academy Awards ceremonies, while he is or was actually acting as The President of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences.

Forrest Gump was named after the founder of the Klu Klux Klan as an testament to the fact that some folks just do things for unexplainable reasons.
Then again, the first official Hollywood Motion Picture Blockbuster release was The Birth Of A Nation in 1915, regarding this very same subject matter.

The film Forrest Gump featured a man (played by Tom Hanks) named after Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first Imperial Wizard of the KKK. The film shows Nathan Bedford Forrest riding a horse in Klan regalia.

A different perspective to consider.