How The Money Moves –

The graphic above illustrates the path of Recovery funds from the federal government to the local level.

  • Congress appropriates Recovery Act funds to federal agencies.
  • Federal agencies make funds available to state and local governments or directly to academia, business, and/or organizations. Federal agencies also provide entitlements and tax credits covered by Recovery Act.
  • State and local governments make Recovery funds available for contracts and grants to academia, businesses, and organizations. State agencies also administer Recovery funds for unemployment compensation.
  • If academia, businesses, or organizations receive funds directly from a federal agency,  they hire others as needed for the project.
  • In the tradition of building the plane while it’s in flight, I came across an update on Facebook from the Recovery Act website, and after reading the information, a thought came into my mind.

    Since this is in fact an online publication, there would in all likelihood be funding available for a humble small business that can help spread the good news about important business matters such as these which deserve publicity, so in support of The President, and the historic legislation signed by him to ensure that the economy recovers, I simply ask that you as a viewer focus in on the good news when and where it is available.

    A different perspective to consider.