Kim Kardashian Says – "Don't Be Selfish Today"

Kim KardashianKimKardashian

Life isn’t always about yourself…helping others is why we are here. Don’t be selfish today, help someone else today and put them first!

It’s Tuesday Newsday, and the word for the day is bull’s eye.

That is the word used to explain a direct hit, and today is an excellent example of that result.

This is yet another demonstration of a clever use of resources here at
Your Friendly Neighborhood which is actually explained in clear detail here at our
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The update from Kim is via Twitter, which has upgraded its services for more effective dot connection regarding important news that is suited to your particular interest, and since Twitter is a game of
leaders and followers
, Kim as a celebrity with a following 3 million plus users is just what the game needs to shift the ebb and flow of
online social media.

While most of the online media outlets, and a large number of traditional print publications tend to focus on negative press, we can do our part by supporting good causes, because while The Kardashian Klan has high visibility and is often quoted as lacking any real talent, the record should reflect that they were and still are

Dash Botique

retail store owners and operators along with a long list of business and philanthropy ventures, with a knack for effective customer service, and we can lend a hand for some support by redefining the status of celebrity, with service to others as a key component for consideration of
Official Pimpin Stauts
, also known as being relevant!

A different perspective to consider.