Left Behind – Book & Film Review

(T.G.I.F.) Thank God It’s Freeday!

I have been meaning to write up a review for this book series and film for awhile now, yet one minor detail, which is that I have yet to read any of the books or see the film may have a part to play, yet since the plane is being built while it’s in flight, perhaps you are one of the millions of individuals who has read the books or seen the film and would be interested in submitting an expert review, because from what I am told, there are people in this world who actually have a career , in which they give feedback to others in regards to the people, places, and things that they find enjoyable. Could you picture that?

Anyhow, it was actually my sons who gave me a review of the film, along with quite a few others and they told me that this one in particular was not so bad.

I have actually read the covers of the books as they are always positioned in a way that is highly visible in the bookstores that I frequent, as if the books could actually have an individual store of their own.

As a writer, I am drawn to the title, because it seems like a pimpish way to get peoples attention, similar to how it may have acquired yours which inspired you to check up on this entry.

Then the front cover gives a synopsis of the story which is regarding the last days on earth, which is another popular area of interest which seems to be increasing as time and world events progress.

Millions of people suddenly vanish and frantic “survivors” of the disappearances begin their search for their friends and families, as well as answers to what has happened. Among them are pilot Rayford Steele, his daughter Chloe Steele, and Bruce Barnes, who begin to discover that the Rapture has taken place. Meanwhile, a young journalist, Cameron “Buck” Williams, follows an unknown, but charming, Romanian politician named Nicolae Carpathia, who quickly attracts millions of followers – seemingly overnight.
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It actually took some time for me to discover that the story is some form of a Biblical Commentary with inferences to the Book Of Revelations, which explains why I have seen heavy advertising for the books in the
Christian Booksotre around the corner from my residence, yet in my opinion, even the most avid atheist or non religious of individuals should be able to relate to the concept of being left behind, as it is a human condition or state of being, so lets put the technology at our finger tips to effective use by reviewing a clip from the movie together, and fill in our own blanks.

I could have easily mistaken the movie for

a new millennium version of the 80’s sitcom Growing Pains, with an African American President added in for special effects!

It could be yet another result of watching what some would say, too much television as a child in the 80’s yet for the sake of this discussion to make it into a plus, I would simply say that,

the best possible solution for the status known as
LEFT BEHIND , would be to just keep things MOVING RIGHT ALONG.

What you see is what you get.
I love my job, and the pay is great too!