Private Parts – Facebook Privacy Concerns (Part 1)

Facebook users can afford to pay

Posted by: Douglas MacMillan on September 30, 2009

Facebook is the new king of social networking. But the site is stuck with an old business model that prevents it from cashing in on the increasing affluence of its users and the monopoly it has over their attention. Simply put, Facebook should charge.

A recent study by Nielsen Claritas indicates that the top third of lifestyle segments measured by the researcher relative to income were 25% more likely to use Facebook than the bottom third. Meanwhile, less-wealthy segments were 37% more likely to use MySpace. Article Link

Since we are friends, you don’t mind if I say in my own language, that
aint shit in this world for free. Everything comes at a cost, so this is just an opener to see where we wind up next with the new introduction of
Facebook Instant Personalization.

Stay Tuned.

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