Congratulations, You're "NOT" Going To Hollywood – American Idol Season 11 Debut

On with the show!
We are at long last at the point of no return, which is the day after the debut episode of the household favorite American Idol television show.

This show and cultural phenomenon is actually an educational experience in my humble opinion which actual gives the program an added value as it gives us the ability to look beneath the surface at the possible reasons as to why people do what they do.

My reasons for tuning in revolve around seeing what Jennifer Lopez is looking like, and yes, we all have our reasons, yet interestingly enough after tuning in to the FOX Good Day L.A. morning news show to then see what Jillian Barberie is looking like as a part of my daily routine, the cast of the show is going to give the most insightful commentary available from an insiders perspective as the American Idol show itself is actually featured on the same network and produced at the same studio.

Steve Edwards said in paraphrase that it appears that a part of the draw to the show is the beginning stages where the people who don’t really have what it takes show up to have it confirmed and individuals who agree tune in to the weed out process to see others make fools of themselves, and Jillian responded my mentioning how nice the judges are because if she was a judge she would cut to the chase and finds it most fascinating as to how the many of the contestants who don’t really have what it takes appear to be shocked when hearing the judges opinion as if their friends and family members perhaps lied to them and told them differently to lead them to this result.

Now, the opinion of the judges past and present who were and are showbiz greats, and became so without the aid of American Idol and other New Media methods in my opinion have a certain degree of expertise, yet they too understand the formula in place which gives the show an added appeal, which is for contestants who would disagree with the opinion of the judges or at least act as if they do, to  gain some form of widespread yet less than 15 minutes of notoriety giving the viewers what they really want to see at this stage of the contest.

The wrap up from yours truly is to question just how deep this hunger for attention and feeling of significance runs and to what extremes individuals are willing to go to attain it on small and large scales, and if this phenomenon is educating us as to why more and more is being done by individuals in the world in order to gain whatever notoriety that they can as if destructive behavior and the amount of attention it draws in hopes of the attainment of infamous or notorious status is a better bargain that actually being naturally blessed with true talent.

As a side note  the thoughts and actions of Charles Manson were said by himself to actually be a result of him being turned down for a promised record deal which was brokered through his association with his friends at the time who were members of The Beach Boys, not to mention the You Tube and Myspace footage by the shooter in the recent tragedy in Tuscon Arizona, so which ever way, the rules are still the same, so live and direct from Hollywood, it is still the same ole’ story which is…..

On with the show!

A different perspective to consider.