True Religion – Who Do You Believe In ?

Greetings Earthlings !

I was actually going to wait until the second or third week of June to write this entry, yet due to a reoccurring event that happened just a half hour or so ago, I figure it best to just stay in the flow.

Before I begin, let the record reflect that a fashion expert is what I am not, yet since the lifestyles portion of this online publication involve raiment to a certain extent, it is included on the menu, so if you feel it best that you tell me and the rest of the world what is proper and thorough in regards to fashion, be sure to check up on a position with our company at the following employment link.

With that said, everything happens for a reason, and the name of this brand of denim wear comes close to home on a continuous basis, and the title of this post came to mind while observing and then conversing with an attractive you woman last month regarding her taste in fashion.

Opening up the discussion even further, I also saw some women that I see often in the same area and time of the discussion, who are what I believe to be Jehovah’s Witness Missionaries.

I will save the intricate details of my experiences for later, and stick with the basics for now.

Beginning with this morning and working my way back, there were some Jehovah’s Witness missionaries standing in front of my house by the curb both when I left to go to the smoke shop as well as when I returned. I am not quite sure how to explain it without sounding like I am exaggerating, so I will simply say that for whatever reason, there seems to be a sign on our front door and on my body which invites women from various faiths to share their views with me, and although it is their normal routine, there always seems to be some extra time and effort spent when discussing their beliefs with me.

Whether its is the LDS church, Jehovah’s Witness, or traditional Christian missionaries, I seem to be the one receiving the story on a continuous basis, and my own simple explanation is that it is only due to the fact that I listen more than I speak and it is just a good experience for all people to be heard and agreed with.

For whatever reason, I can relate to just about every story of divinity and faith that I hear as I can not think of any that I have not heard on an indepth level.

To get to the juicy part of the story, the woman that co owns the smoke shop is from India with accent included, and she is of the Hindu faith, and while she does not preach her faith to others as do most eastern religions, I have had a few brief discussions with her when I see some of the videos that she may be watching or books she may be reading when I have come into the store, and she is somewhat shocked by my familiarity with her culture, which is the same type of vibe that I receive from other women of different faiths and people in general for that matter.

Anyhow, that of course leads me to that tough question in regards to who or what it is that I actually believe in, as for ever since as long as can remember, I have had friends, neighbors, and classmates from different cultures and from different nations of birth who were and are people of good character, so I am forced to get to the bottom of what I believe as I do have a great need to be honest with myself, even if my views contradict what someone else professes to be correct, which is usually based on what they themselves have been conditioned to believe was correct in the first place.

The mystery regarding this true religion phenomenon shows up when so many of the different faiths contradict each other when shared out of the mouths of different missionaries, usually of the female variety as I tend to just like to talk with and listen to women in general.

Self Analysis –

Question: They are all saying and believing something different, so which is correct and true?

Answer: They are all correct and true.

Question: How can they possibly all be correct and true as they contradict each other?

Answer: The more that they contradict each other, the more that they likewise confirm each other with an even higher degree of truth and correctness, which is discovered in the detail which shows that women and people in general whether religious or non religious. tend need something or someone to believe and place faith in as a condition of being a human being with finite knowledge.

In my yet to be released works, you can see what experiences have led me to this stance, yet for now, with as much as I have read and heard, it may actually be similar to what happens in the digital age which is known as message overload, due to the inability to process too much information at once leaving then to an inability to ingest any at all or in any great detail (A.D.H.D.), and being the unique way of thinking individual that I am, my response to this scenario tends to shift to the default in the equation, which is to believe and have faith in my own self, and my God given privileged to make my own decisions and enjoy and/or learn from the end results of such decisions.

I will close this entry out with an inspirational song clip from
Tupac Shakur, that actually reflects the title of this post, and do so to reflect a common interest and love for, shared with him in which may reflect my belief system more accurately, and those two things loved are.

(In no particular order of priority)

The Saga Continues.

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