Come To Teacher – Say It Slow…..TEACH -> HER


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. … Buddhist Proverb

Whats the good news?
It is Tuesday Newsday and I do have an interesting explanation for my absence so observe if you will.

For whatever reason, my keyboard expired as of last week on the same exact day that the BP oil spill crisis was partially remedied with a cap placed on the leak. Ordinarily, I would have simply made some calls to get the problem resolved, yet since it is my new attitude to switch up on my usual decisions, I decided to simply use the time to reflect on this thing called from every possible angle to see what needs to happen next.

Of course, with the cap put on the outflow of words, my auxiliaries kicked in and caused my feet and mouth to move in the way that my fingers would, which actually took me back to a time before the age of information where we spend so much of our time behind computer and phone screens and the difference in feeling is worth a book full of words to best be saved for a later date,

Now for the interesting part of the story which you have been patiently awaiting.

While out and about making my rounds yesterday, I noticed that the women are coming outside to enjoy the sunshine which is the most accurate indicator of the summer season transition that I am aware of.

While sitting outside enjoying the scenery, as usual, some attractive young ladies mysteriously appeared in front of me at about fifty meters away, then decided to sit down to wait for someone.

While they were sitting and chatting, one was in a text session on her phone while the other was reading a book. From the distance, I could see the word love on the book cover, so I concluded that it was a book about relationships, and since I am a writer, I decided to introduce myself and see if I could establish some new connections.

When I got close enough to be heard, I noticed that they were down to earth so I inquired about the book because of what it said on the cover, and the response was that it was this one.

It wouldn’t take much to imagine that we had a conversation piece on our hands, yet the meat of the matter simply shows that there is much interest in such subjects which are actually discussed in great detail here at
Your Friendly Neighborhood, and when I asked one of the ladies to pull up this site on her phone with a 3G connection, the name of this website indicated that it was in fact a must read from her perspective

When I left my information with them and went on about my business after a couple of other discussions with some other people at the mall, I got home in time to catch the E True Hollywood Stories, Rappers Wives episode, and interestingly enough followed up with the VH1  Behind The Music Documentary on

the artist known as Eve that I viewed with a 5.9 magnitude California earthquake added in for special effects, and after hearing so many of the same stories and subjects of interest back to back I made a decision to come back to the table with an even more clear of a focus for the course of travel.

Long story short, the whole idea of what you are witnessing came about in large part simply through asking myself what it is that I would want to see, learn about, and gain from a website that is not offered in many other places which results in my need to make it so and share with others who may find it useful and enjoyable, and the four simple principles showed up in my mind this morning as follows.

The Place To Come And

A.  Get Your Mind Right
B.  Get Your Game Tight
C.  Get Your Shine Bright
D.  Get Your Shit Together (Integrity)

Put in another way, it is my definition of an enjoyable life experience, which is discussed here in detail at
the Manifesto Link.

In closing, on my way to my current location, there are a few mansions on a hill that I have seen built from scratch for the past five years that are now complete, and when I asked myself how I could go about having a spot or two for myself and loved ones to reside in, and select few to visit, the only conclusion that I came up with was simply to create, and when I asked about what exactly to create, the even more simple answer was…. A WAY!

Stay Tuned.

A different perspective to consider.