Celebrity Black Baby Adoption – The Truth Is?

Well, this should get blood flowing to the brain for some, and blood boiling in the veins for others, yet as for me, I am just here to report the news and tell/ sell the story, so observe if you will.
On today’s menu we have Angelina Jolie,

A.K.A. Salt, a working girl fit the second decade of the new millennium.

Next up is the classic treat known as Madonna,

AKA The Virgin Like Heroin who came to the aid of the dark skin fellow in the controversial 1980’s
Like A Prayer music video.

Lastly and most recently, we have the 2010 Academy Award Best Actor Winner

Sandra Bullock, who came to the aid of the disadvantaged African American high school athlete in The Blind Side and then was blind sided in her real life movie in which she received some light for compliments of your
Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com.

Celebrity Black Baby Adoption – The Truth Is?

I am not a liberty to say at the moment yet the interesting facial expression of the baby on the People Magazine cover image may reflect what has already been stated which is that…..

What You See Is What You Get.

A different perspective to consider.