PRETTY LITTLE THING – PimpHop Is Here For It + Is Definitely Checking Up On It (Life = Women + Money)


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Moral Of The Story (PH Healthcare Checkup Solutions)


What’s Good In The Hood On This Good Friday?

On this end, on the last day of the month of June 2017 with Beyonce’s name all up in the news feeds for various culturally relevant reasons, the song in the video clip above came to mind as a reminder that availability and access toΒ regular checkupsΒ for women by experts in the healthcare industry are a significant part of the current US Healthcare System debate, while at the same time, the most widely used purpose for social media services for women who do, by nature, seek to be in the sight of an intergalactic audience for the sole purpose of being checked up on, so the decision was made to turn it into an enjoyable and well paying line of work and job occupation for yours truly!

Check Her Out.
She’s A Pretty Little Thing!


A “Necessity Is The Mother Of ALL Invention” perspective to consider.