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Whats the good news on your end friend? Today is one of those rare occurrences where the person in the header image is me in part, yet again, since I do enjoy the company of attractive women, it stands to reason why I would be pictured with one.

Pondering on what to write about today, I put some time into assessing the reasons why I tend to not speak about myself or personal life much, and whether or not that’s actually in the best interest of the greater good.

While conducting research on what some of the brand new kids on the block are doing, I was able to put together the missing elements that prevent things from moving forward, and felt it best to share some tips, as this publication does seem to be the place that many come to borrow ideas from, yet since it goes way beyond what it all looks and sounds like, and since I actually do want to see more people winning, I decided to go ahead and clear up a few matters of extreme importance.

First on the list has to be the popular tendency for many to associate with others in an attempt to increase their own kool factor. This is true in many cases in many places, yet it is the new normal in Hollywood entertainment industry circles.

In layman’s terms, its when a person states that they were at
“so and so’s ” party, and have the pictures to prove it, so that makes them important due to an association with a person whom they believe to be important.

Right off the top, in the back, the question that will be asked is, while it may seem beneficial for you to be associated with so and so, what benefit is it for so and so to have an association with you?

In marketing, it would be classified as an inability to add value.
In Pimpology terms, its known as a

sucka ass, bandwagon ridin’, groupie ass, no self respect havin’ individual.

Which ever terminology is easiest to digest and roll with by you is the one that you should select, yet regardless of how the wording is displayed, the results will show it to not be a good look, which results in the typical effective of eventually getting shook!

This points to the reason why having a purpose of your own to serve is such an important element if you are in fact serious about sucess, and if you continue to read, yoou will discover the simple steps required to attain the results that you may actually want, but are finding a hard time acquiring.

The second mistake would have to be in regards to the new show off tendency wich actually ties in to the scenario above. Its usually shown as an individual who wishes to only look like they are a somebody, in most cases, a rapper, singer, model, or actor.

We have provided ample pimpformation in regards to the subject of showbiz fundamentals, and the behind the scenes formulas that many are not aware of, yet for the sake of this entry, I will make brief synopsis for your viewing pleasure.

A typical young female has aspirations of becoming a model, and is basing her desires on the images that she has seen throughout her life, such as the one below.

Heidi Klum- Victoria's Secret Runway Show

She then concludes that in order to be a model, she simply has to find a willing photographer to takes some pictures that are of a suitable quality, post those images on galleries on the Internet, and bam… A Model Is Born.

Now for the truth.
Was she paid to take images, or did she pay for the things necessary for her to look and feel like what we see in the image above?

I ask because Heidi Klum is the type of woman that I admire, due to her sheer ability to serve a purpose, which in this case, is to influence a young females to make investments into that which is necessary to feel like she is a model when she posts images on the Internet, to follow in the fashion of a woman who really is a model, and is compensated according to the ammount of shopping that young women do, which classifies her as a Supermodel !

If you were lucky enough to listen and learn, be sure to consider this point when conducting business, and recall that it actually did come from a source with the word Pimp in the title, and realize that in actuality, its a business venture in real life, which will show you to be a buyer or seller, which is why entertainment is classified as an industry, meaning, it’s a job.

Lastly, not only is it a popular trend to look professional, but also to sound professional, and I conclude that it is in an attempt to make oneself sound credible, according to what one believes credibility sound like, with all of the corporate jargon buzz words included into the equation. I will use the following from something that would sound professional to me if I was in another position.

The industries gathered under the SBE umbrella create unparalleled opportunities for synergy and branded, all-encompassing lifestyle experiences. With a mission to redefine standards of excellence and innovation, Nazarian and his team draw on a wealth of institutional expertise and entrepreneurial know-how to create unique alliances between these divisions, providing a complete lifestyle experience for SBE clients, whether they are staying in SBE properties or enjoying SBE restaurants and nightclubs.

The description above is  from a popular and well respected entertainment firm here in Los Angeles.

I fully agree that we all should do want to look and sound professional, as the most novice of business person or consumer would most likely refuse to invest into any person, place, or thing, that appears to be unprofessional and not well put together.

The idea from this perspective simply states that while all of this sounds and looks professional, my own personal experience shows that the
most important factor in business decisions,  is how the product and brand impacts the consumers, and in all likelihood, the simple and effective way to approach the situation would be to perhaps simply show the results, so that time spent explaining what the expected results are is eliminated by simply creating, and subsequently showing those results.

"What You See Is What You Get!" A Business Plan Made Simple

Again, its all a matter of preference, yet it also shows that our focus tends to be on yours as the buying public, and we believe its best to use our time to show you, as opposed to wasting it by telling you, which again simply reflects a purpose being served, which allows the results to speak for their selves.

In closing, if you have made it this far in the discussion, I will leave you with four simple yet highly effective steps that you can apply to get the actual results you may desire through serving a purpose.

A. Figure out what your cause/mission is.
B. Remain true to this cause at all times.
C. Seek support from and lend it to those who agree with you and       your cause
D. Get your money.

Sound like a plan?
Good, so don’t just sit there……DO SOMETHING!

On with the show.