Le Bron vs. Kobe – Who's The Best In The Game?

This is a subject that should generate some interest from viewers with views who come to PimpHop.com to get the news!

I edited Micheal Jordan out of the equation because we are focusing on the here and now, which is what will result in what is to be, so now the floor is yours.

Le Bron vs. Kobe – Who’s The Best In The Game?

From a PimpHop.com perspective, and perhaps as a bias which results from being a Southern California native, my vote is in the ballot box for Kobe.

For basketball reasons, including but not limited to companionship rings totaling five, it has been proven that Kobe Bryant automatically elevates the game of all players on his team, making a mediocre player fit, and now accustomed to championship level of play.

For more in depth and relevant, yet non basketball related reasons, Kobe has two criteria that puts him on a higher plateau which Le Bron has yet to reach, two criteria which I believe are necessary to classify any individual as a true player in the game of life as a man.

Kobe Has The Following Credits Listed On His Resume.

A. Frequently seen in public with his woman and children.

B. Got caught in some funk about another woman, charged it to game and lived to tell about it, while still being frequently seen in public with his woman and his children.

Warped sense of  judgment on my part?
Perhaps, yet let the record reflect that when opposing teams and fans chant the infamous ” Beat L.A.” slogan, it automatically places L.A. in the victory column, leaving the other teams to invest energy into trying to beat the winner who was declared as such by being the city and team to beat!

What You See Is What You Get!

A different perspective to consider.